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“The most fantastic product I’ve ever seen. It has done miracles to my family. I used to have my period only once a year, but now I’m having it regularly! DRION, you’re simply AMAZING!!!”
Kathy Jones – Tweed Heads

“I’ve been using the toothbrush for 3 months now and my upper rear wisdom teeth are no longer sore or sensitive. Also, my lower jaw front 4 teeth which are normally “plaque infested” are now clear. Just last week large pieces just fell away from the tooth/gum area and the gums have now moved back to cover the vacated spaces. This really works:  I am very happy with Winasun Products.”
Roger Real – Hervey Bay, QLD

“I recently tried these (Drion pads), and without a doubt I experienced a reduction in pain and cramps. What a great product!”
Lucy Edwards, Naturopath – New Zealand

“I used the Drion liners every day and the day/night pads with my periods, and every month I noticed a difference. After 4-5 months no more cramping, after 9 months no more PMS. Amazing product!
Belinda Falconar, Acupuncturist – New Zealand

“I started using Drion pads and noticed an immediate difference. My period became more regular and less painful. I now have my teenage girls using it and they too love it. I highly recommend to all women and teenager girls.”
Jessica Wayman – Bathurst, VIC

“These are great! Super absorbent and don’t smell like other pads. I would recommend….”
Julie Wagstaff – New Zealand

“These pads are super absorbent so feel a lot more comfortable than the regular supermarket brands. I also use less pads than before so works out financially better for me.”
Grace Treadbath – Penrith, NSW

“I’ve had sore teeth for a while now and after using the Ionizer Toothbrush my formerly sore teeth are now painless and much cleaner.”
Rosalina Shillig – Hervey Bay