Sanitary Pads

Day Pads ( 10 per pack)

Pantiliners ( 30 per pack )

Night Pads ( 8 per pack )


Function chip composite: For anion products, you can have a view about the special function as following:
1.    Anion-Prohibit bacterial invasion
2.    Far-IR

Our anion product has the following 8 layers of construction:
1. Smooth non-woven paper (better absorbency which gives ultra comfort)
2. Woven cloth anion chip (effectively enhances anti-bacterial capabilities)
3. Air-laid paper wrapped
4. Super absorbent polymer
5. Unique and exclusive padding (absorption well-balanced, further preventing side leakage)
6. Air- laid paper wrapped
7. Breathable and comfortable bottom layer
8. Release paper (back adhesive restrain, comfort with female ergonomics)

We do think we can be the best partner for you in anion products!


Drion sanitary pads are organic and are made up of layers of non-allergenic, non-woven paper (non-recycled therefore no bleaching), super absorbent organic polymer and is kept together with glue/adhesive that is made from natural starch so is food grade (not made from synthetic chemicals). The pads are completely biodegradable, unlike many other feminine hygiene products which have a high environmental impact. They are also free from dyes, artificial colouring, bleaching or chemical additives making them sensitive to your skin.









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