Winasun is a fast growing international company focused on the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of quality and innovative healthcare products. Winasun was created to provide unrivalled benefits to our partners, distributors and consumers. Benefits that they deserve. 

Winasun aims to get its product directly to the people who need it most whilst at the same time giving an ordinary individual the ability to build an independent business with little financial risk.

As an artist, when you sign up as a distributor with Winasun, you are on a winning formula through our products and distributor benefits.

  > High quality yet affordable health care products – This is of utmost importance to us as we provide products to give consumers  ‘the health they deserve’. Our products have sophisticated production facilities with state of the art research and development which are among the best in the industry. By selling our products to consumers, you are indirectly improving their life through them using the product as well as being more affordable than most competitors.
  > Innovation – we are on the cutting edge of the latest in health care with some of our products which have not yet become mainstream or commercial. This means that you as a distributor can provide you customers, family and friends with ‘what’s new’ and in most cases do not need to compete with large retail stores.

Distributor (Artist) Benefits
  > Gain exposure through your existing network
– encourage your family, friends and fans to support you in your industry by buying Winasun products. They get the health benefits of using our products and at a cheaper price. You create your own business which fuels your career as an artist so you don’t need to rely on traditional means of making ends meet such as sales of your product (CDs, merchandise, art, etc) and you can even decide to provide your own product at a heavily reduced price or even free.
  > Be your own boss – you are in complete control of how small or big you want your empire. The more you put in, the more you will be rewarded. You can gain financial independence which will allow you to spend more time with your family and friends.
  > Commission payments – Up to 70 percent of commissionable volume on every Winasun product sold goes straight back to commission payments. This is unrivalled with other MLM companies.
  > Commissions paid by rank – even when you start up at the lowest rank (Bronze), you still can earn very healthy commission payments (up to 46%). To earn these kind of commission payments from other companies, you need to be at or near the highest ranking and have a huge downline going to the maximum number of levels possible. NOT with Winasun Smile
  > Profit from product sales – you can have up to a 60% margin on the sale of some of our products. So even if you choose to have no downlines and only want to buy our product and sell it to your family and friends you can make healthy profits.
  > Simpler to understand and more flexible system – We do not want to confuse you with additional bonuses and complex distributor network structures. We do not have restrictions on how many downlines you can have. Our system is very easy to understand with fewer ranks and unlimited downlines allowing you to easily manage and control your business and have as much earning potential as possible.
  > No membership fees – Unlike other companies, Winasun does not charge additional fees to be a member of Winasun. The is an annual registration fee of $100AUD to remain as an active distributor to be able to order at the distributor price and to maintain your personal website and have access to the sales and marketing materials. Upon renewal every year, we will send you a free box of Drion Sanitary pads.
  > Support – You get the Winasun Tool Kit which contains material such as flyers, brochures, presentation materials and even your own website to manage your business.


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