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At Winasun, we’ve fused groundbreaking, high-quality healthcare products with an innovative network marketing framework, benefiting both our distributors and, ultimately, our consumers. With a presence already established in five countries across four continents—Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America—Winasun is rapidly expanding, propelled by the superior quality of the products within its portfolio. Through its multi-level marketing approach, Winasun efficiently delivers its products directly to those who need them most, while simultaneously empowering everyday individuals to establish independent businesses with minimal financial risk.

Our compensation plan stands out in the realm of MLM due to several distinctive advantages:

  1. Simplicity: Our plan is designed to be easily comprehensible, ensuring transparency and clarity for all participants.
  2. Flexibility: Distributors have greater autonomy in configuring their network, enabling personalized setups tailored to individual preferences.
  3. Premium Product Distribution: We prioritize the dissemination of high-quality health products, ensuring our consumers receive nothing but the best.
  4. Diverse Membership Options: With several membership tiers, our plan accommodates varying financial capacities, making entry affordable with minimal risk.
  5. Increased Financial Benefits: Distributors can expect higher profits and commissions, fostering a more rewarding financial outcome.
  6. Consumer Benefits: Through our system, consumers gain access to top-tier health products at more accessible price points, promoting their overall well-being.

At Winasun, we believe in fostering a system that not only benefits our distributors but also prioritizes the satisfaction and well-being of our consumers. Our robust compensation plan and dedication to providing top-notch healthcare products underscore our commitment to empowering individuals and enhancing lives worldwide.


You can choose to buy and sell one product or all products. We want to make being a distributor of Winasun as flexible as possible to suit your specific wants and needs.


The amount of money you make is completely based on both your effort as well as the effort of your network. Winasun provides larger profits and bigger commissions than many other MLM companies so the rest is up to you!!!

Registering as a distributor costs $100 which covers the cost of your Winasun Tool Kit to help you build your business. The Tool Kit gives you access to sales tools such as images, flyers and brochures which you can use to build your network or to even sell product to your customers.

There is an annual distributor renewal fee which is $100. This covers the cost of your Winasun Tool Kit and we send you a free box of Drion Sanitary Pads of your choice upon renewal.

You can have as many downlines as you wish. We do not limit the number of immediate downlines as these give you the largest commission.

No. If you choose to just buy our products and either use them yourself or sell them to friends and family, then that is fine.

Recruiting others to be distributors underneath you can increase the amount of money you can make from Winasun through commissions (see Compensation Plan).

Yes. You can create your own marketing tools to market your Winasun business such as presentations, flyers, posters, website, etc however any material you create needs to be approved by Winasun. Therefore it is best to use the materials and tools already available from Winasun or alternatively to work together with Winasun during the creation stage to ensure all logos, colours, slogans, claims and any other trademarks are consistent with Winasun and its brand equity.

We can also create a Winasun distributor website for you upon request so you can sell products direct to your customers.

It can be a bit tricky changing the pricing and postage options yourself. Therefore, we prefer you to send us the pricing and your preferred shipping options as well as payment options (credit card, paypal, bank transfer) and we can make the changes for you.


Yes ofcourse. If we come to an agreement to be partners, you can decide on which products you would like to be our partner for in your country. This will give you exclusivity for that product range in your country. If you do not choose all our products then we can offer products you are not interested in to other prospective partners in your country


About MLM

MLM is the acronym for Multi Level Marketing which also commonly known as either Direct Selling or Network Marketing. It can be defined as “selling product directly to consumers rather than using a retail store”.  MLM companies allow you to become a registered distributor of the company’s products as well as create your own network of distributors underneath you (downlines). You can gain a lot of financial benefit from both selling the products yourself and/or getting a commission for products sold by your downlines. It is like having your own business with the support of the parent MLM company through its products, marketing material and management systems

There is no difference between the term Network Marketing and the term Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or with the term Direct Selling. They all define the structure that Winasun uses. See also FAQ “What is MLM?”

MLM organisations and Pyramid Scheme’s both can have the same organisational structures. This structure is also found in most other hierarchical companies.

Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries. Promoters at the top of the pyramid make their money by having people join the scheme and then collect the fees and other payments made by those who join under them. In a typical pyramid scheme, a member pays to join. The only way for the member to ever recover any money is to convince other people to join up and to part with their money as well.

In contrast, people in legitimate MLM companies earn money by selling genuine products to consumers, not from the recruiting process. Be aware though, some pyramid scheme promoters disguise their true purpose by introducing products that are overpriced, of poor quality, difficult to sell or of little value. Making money out of recruitment is still their main aim.

That is why at Winasun, our focus is on our quality products and their competitive pricing. Also at Winasun, there is no membership fee. We have set it up this way to provide the most possible financial benefit to our distributors through simply the sale of our products.


We use the best material in our products. Super soft surface, Super absorbent airlaid and breathable bottom. The quality is as good as any on the market however we are more competitive on price.

The atom is a basic unit of matter consisting of a positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons and electrically neutral neutrons. The protons and neutrons form the central nucleus of the atom which is surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons.

An ion is an atom where the number of electrons is not equal to the number of protons, giving it a positive or negative electrical charge. An anion is an ion with more electrons than protons. This gives the anion a negative charge which is why an anion is also referred to as a negative ion. The word anion comes from the Greek word “anο” which means “up”. Conversely, a cation (or positive ion), from the Greek word “kata”, meaning “down”, is an ion with a positive charge as it has more protons than electrons.

It is therefore a fitting parallel that anions (negative ions), which comes from the Greek word meaning up, are believed to make you feel better, raise your health, raise your immune system, increase your energy levels and in general uplift your spirits. Negative ions are found in abundance in environments such as near waterfalls, mountains, beaches, forests and even after a lightning storm.

Cations (positive ions), from the Greek word meaning “down” make you feel tired, depressed, irritable, and in general make you feel down which has a lowering effect on your immune system. High levels of positive ions are generated from computer and TV screens, fluorescent lighting, common air conditioning systems, and modern building materials.

FAR-IR is an abbreviation for Far Infrared rays. FAR-IR was first discovered by German scientists in early 1800s. Since then, many scientists have proven that it helps to promote health.

The light spectrum humans can see ranges from violet (short wavelengths) through blue, green, yellow to red (long wavelengths). Infrared have a longer wavelength than red light and is invisible to humans. If the wavelength of a ray is short, most of the ray will be reflected from the surface of a substance. However, if a wavelength is long, the ray is able to penetrate into the surface. Far infrared rays are infrared rays with an even longer wavelength (25 or more) and therefore have the ability to be deeply absorbed by the body. It stimulates the cells by producing gentle vibrations (over 30 times per second). These vibrations create warmth.

This heating action dilates capillaries, stimulates the blood cells and increases the circulation of blood which in turn increases metabolism in tissues and cells. It also promotes elimination of waste matters and harmful heavy metals out of human body as well as decreasing acidity levels in the blood and increasing the blood’s oxygen count.

In addition, the far infrared rays have an effect on diaphoresis, pain relief, sound sleep, prevention of fungi propagation, moisture removal and air purification. These properties have led to far infrared rays being used in housing, building material, utensils, textiles, clothing, bedding, medical equipment and fomentation rooms. Panels producing infrared rays are sometimes used in hospitals to warm newborn babies. Even NASA has used infrared heat to keep their astronauts warm.

The FAR-IR waves are the safest and the most beneficial electromagnetic energy sources available.

Drion sanitary pads are made up of layers of non allergenic organic material, paper (non-recycled therefore no bleaching), super absorbent organic polymer and is kept together with glue/adhesive that is made from natural starch so is food grade (not made from synthetic chemicals). The pads are 95% biodegradable and compostable under the right conditions, unlike many other feminine hygiene products which have a high environmental impact. They are also free of dyes, artificial colouring, bleaching or chemical additives making them sensitive to your skin.

Even the release paper in which each pad is individually wrapped is biodegradable. The packaging is made from aluminium foil wrap which is recyclable and does not use any plastic which is also great for the environment.

Almost all ingredients used are either biodegradable or recyclable.

Our patches do not contain elastane/latex/lycra as it is made from cotton. This is positive news especially to those people who are allergic to elastane.

Drion packets are made from thin foil wrap and are re-sealable. This means that once the packet is opened, it can be sealed again to ensure that bacteria and other germs cannot get into the packet especially if stored in the bathroom or in a handbag.

Also, every Drion pad and pantiliner is individually sealed unlike almost all of the competition. Again, this ensures each pad or pantiliner remain sanitary until opened. This is again extremely important for women who need to carry pads in their handbag or who store them at home in the bathroom which due to high moisture levels becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Unsanitary sanitary pads can cause serious health problems for women not just within and around the reproductive tract but also can result in high fever, headache, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

By not using plastic in the packaging materials, Drion pads are kept sanitary for longer compared to the competition. Plastic does not breathe and therefore becomes a perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

In comparison to almost all other pads on the market, Drion pads and nappies are incredibly absorbent.

For example, Drion Sanitary pads will absorb up to 150mls of liquid and still feel dry to touch on the outside. This is a key issue when it comes to hygiene as excess moisture promotes the spread of bacteria. Its super absorbent capabilities have allowed women to use the pads in some cases for incontinence and post natal leakage as well menstruation. The competition absorb 50mls of liquid but do not lock in the liquid so feels wet and moist. You can see this in a demonstration on YouTube by clicking here “Drion Negative Ion Pads Demo”. The ability to absorb more liquid means that less pads/nappies are used and therefore less pads/nappies are disposed of.