Winasun CEO Nick Kambounias checks out the arrival of the Sanitary Pads

As such, we have activated the pads in the distributor store so as a distributor you can begin placing orders immediately. As promised, we have 4 Box Sets available:

• Day Set - 19 Packets of Day Use Pads (each packet containing 10pcs)
• Night Set - 19 Packets of Night Use Pads (each packet containing 8pcs)
• Pantiliner Set - 19 Packets of Pantiliners (each packet containing 30pcs)
• Mixed Set – 19 Packets: 10 day, 4 Night, 5 Pantiliner

We believe the pads are the most superior on the markets with 8 layers as well as containing Far-IR.

Our pricing is unbeatable at an amazing $66 (GST inc) per box set and the recommended retail price is $110 (GST inc).

Winasun is launching with two fantastic brands in Drion and Winacai Berry.

Drion covers three separate categories: Sanitary Napkins (Day Pads, Night Pads, Pantiliners), Baby Diapers (Diapers in different sizes for different ages, Underpads), Adult Incontinence (Incontinence Pads, Underpads). For more information on these products click through the PRODUCT menu.

Winacai Berry is gaining a lot of popularity with its superfood health benefits and we offer it in 4 different forms: Powder,  Pills, Juice and Health Bars. Again for more details about Winacai Berry visit the PRODUCT section.

Whilst we have a range of fantastic health products already on offer, the team at WInasun is not stopping there. We are already exploring a Resveratrol product range which is also very exciting and something which we want to offer to our distributors and ultimately the worlds consumers. Stay tuned for more news on the latest developments.

Distributors are flocking to Winasun and signing up during the pre-registration period to ensure they are part of this fantastic opportunity. We are finding that most are distributors who are already part of other MLM organisations as they are able to quickly see the added financial benefit Winasun can provide over other companies.

We do have however, many new distributors who are entering into direct selling for the first time. This is also very enlightening and proves that the Winasun distributor system and compensation plan is much simpler to understand and less restrictive versus other MLM systems.

Winasun was built to achieve the following:
• simpler to understand
• more flexible in how you set up your distributor network
• distribution of high quality health products
• more financial benefit in the form of profits and commissions to distributors
• benefit to consumers to purchase high quality health products for lower prices

The overwhelming response so far indicates that distributors are voting with their feet, and therefore we have achieved our goals.

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